Kansas Esports Spring 2022 Season

Kansas Esports looked to add to the accomplishments of a strong 2021 fall season. Competing in League of Legends, Rocket League, and Overwatch, each team found success of their own this spring.

The League of Legends team spent most of the semester prepping for and playing in the Collegiate League of Legends (cLoL) Spring tournament. Competing in the North region, Kansas took on the challenge of finding success in arguably the toughest region in the country. After completing the swiss bracket with a 4-2 record they fell short of competing in the postseason but still found themselves ranked in the top 25.

Kansas Esports Overwatch had a busy semester as they competed in NACE, NECC, and Activsion Blizzard Collegiate (ABC). Boasting a combined 13-6 record between the NACE and NECC season, they find themselves as the 2 seed in the NECC Playoffs and still going strong. Meanwhile in Activision Blizzard Collegiate, Kansas goes 7-3 in the national swiss bracket securing their spot in the postseason group stage. Following a tough round of group stage matches, the Kansas Overwatch team's ABC season ends with a top 32 ranking.

Our Rocket League team looked to improve on a fantastic fall semester but due to a significant amount of roster changes over the winter break, they just could not find their footing in the spring. Finishing with a 4-4 NACE record, Kansas Esports Rocket League looks to put this semester behind them as they focus on the 2022-23 seasons with the ultimate goal of finally punching their ticket to Collegiate Rocket League (CRL).

The big highlights from this year come from the results of the 2022 Heartland Showdown, an annual LAN hosted by Kansas State University. As we sent our Overwatch and League of Legends team's, we looked to continue the success we saw from the 2020 Heartland Showdown. After both the LoL and OW team went undefeated in their group stage's the League of Legends team closed out the bracket with a win getting their revenge on K-State for 2020 and taking home 1st place! Meanwhile Overwatch fell short of the repeat title as they fell to Wichita State in a very exciting grand finals match.

Keep up to date on Kansas Esports by following them @kansasesport, and find out how you can get involved at esports.ku.edu.


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