Kansas Esports 2022-2023 Season

The 2022-2023 season saw an expansion to the Kansas Esports program for the first time in 3 years. Adding Valorant to the roster of varsity supported games. With this comes more opportunities to compete at both the local and national level. Throughout the regular season of both NACE and NECC, our teams combined for a yearly record of 54-19 coupled with multiple LAN victories

To start the year our Rocket League team traveled to the Kansas Speedway to compete in their Rocket League tournament against local universities. Taking down rival Mizzou in the grand finals, we secured our first LAN championship back in September! Just a month later our Overwatch team traveled to Highland, Kansas to compete in the Quad State Showdown. With teams competeing from Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois, we walked away with another first place finish after facing off against in-state opponent Ottawa University. Finally, our program traveled to Manahttan, Kansas for the annual Heartland Showdown. We sent two Rocket League teams who ended up competing against each other in the finals solidifying the University of Kansas as a premier Rocket League program in the Midwest.

With another season completed the program saw success in both regular season play and regional tournaments. Through the support of our partners and the University of Kansas, we are able to continue to compete at a high level both regionally and on the national stage.